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It's all about the "Little Summer Dress"

Do you have your Little Summer Dress ?

// New Look limited edition dress //

My Daily Beauty Essentials || Skin Care || Beauty Tips


I come up with a new post, for showing my Beauty Essentials for my skin care and my face. Unless you’re one of the lucky ladies in this world to be born with flawless skin (Chanel Iman, if you read this, I'm talking to YOU ! :p ) you’ve probably struggled with skin imperfections at some point or another.


I have not often had skin problems (acne and other) ... But sometimes, I have one or two buttons (I didn't wake up flawless). I think the less you use products on you, the more the skin breathes and keeps its natural. For me, a scrub, a lotion, and a moisturizer are sufficient. No need to use more.

New In || Black Touch

Hey Ladies,

I've been everywhere everybody knows me... lmao just singing -_-!

Ok Ladies, hope you've had a good weekend!
I come up here with some of the new things I bought these past few weeks...I think I spent most of my time doing shopping at Zara...I found out they have very good quality and affordable fragrances, as well as very beautiful accessories such as sunglasses. I never paid attention before. I've also completed my makeup collection with some MAC, KIKO and RIMMEL.
// Touch of Black Haul //

Wear the unexpected || Mekuate Eventail Skirt

Hey Ladies,

I come with a Second Round with Mekuate (click on the link for more) by Cindy Stephanie!!! In my last post I told you she made two beautiful outfits for me and this is the second outfit. 
Stay tuned...

Elsy x Mekuate by Cindy Stephanie || Wear the unexpected

My Dear Ladies,

I feel that it has been so loooong that I haven't posted something here... (11 days ).I took time to rest and think about my life, my family and my ambitions... I had a life detox. But now it's okay I feel pretty better.

Lots happening these past days, I went to Paris, met old friends... and also worked with a young talented designer Cindy Stephanie. She made two beautiful outits for me ( Just for me =p ).

Cindy stephanie is a 18 year old - young girl who decided to create her own brand "MEKUATE" in May 2014. She's motivated by passion and love for the fashion since her childhood. She's really talented : she learned to sew by herself without any formation and already participated in two events for presenting her brand in France. Let me show you what she's capable of...