jeudi 23 octobre 2014

LOOKBOOK : Chic in Autumn !

|| Fall makeup coming soon. Don't mind my messy hair ^^ ||
|| Bold Accessories ||
H&M Coat || PIMKIE Dress || H&M Hat || PIMKIE Heels

Through the rain, fallen leaves, the wind blowing and the orange landscape... I can say that fall is definitely here ! I love the fact that Mother Nature is unpredictable and blows us every single day by its beauty.

This season, I'm really obsessed with animal prints, but mostly python prints ! I never wore them before... But I'm charmed to see how they go pretty well on every "accessory". By "accessory" I mean pieces that add a special touch to our outfit like shoes, coats, hats, bags...
Plus, I never mixed up TWO different prints !!! When I first tried it, I looked at me in the mirror and was like " Woah Elsa, this outfit is AWESOME, don't change anything !!! ". I wanted to dare, and I did. I found the right balance: not too much, not less.

You won't believe me if I tell you I bought this AWESOME coat at 20 € instead of 50€ and I bought the dress and the heels with a 40% discount at the pimkie store, during the autumn sales (Good deals right ?!)...I highly recommend the pimkie store, they have many interesting deals ;).

For this lookbook, I wore my little black dress, (as simple as elegant)  with a brimmed hat, that I completed with a panther printed coat (My crush <3) and python printed heels to break the "classic style" and add a sophisticated touch ! 

Pictures taken by Williams Bengono.

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jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Where's Elsa ?!?

First to first, I wanna tell you that I really missed you ! I really really really missed YOU ! It's been ONE month that I haven't post something here and there. I feel sad and ashamed to have abandoned my followers. Don't be mad at me :( 

School has started and I'm very involved in my activities ... Now I can feel the real pressure of an engineering career. My weeks are very stressful and busy but I'm  having a school trip with nothing but relaxation (with a bit of party of course !) at the Saint-Hilaire de Riez beach !!!

Here are my fav' moments in the last few weeks...

  1. "On the Run Tour" in Paris was AWESOME !!! (Cameras weren't allowed in, unfortunately)
  2. My Big Bros are fresher than yours ! (Junior, Freddy, Guy-Olivier)
  3. Yaay ESIGELEC won the competition !!!
  4. The perfect imperfection bluuuuured.
  5. Shake shake shake !!! with Anthony. 
  6. Let's get Nude by Rita Ora for RIMMEL.
  7. Ralph and me.
  8. My Francklin and I :)!
  9. Testing my tripod in my new home.
  10. I Love the idea of free pianos stations."When you play, never mind who listens to you.” - Robert Schumann
  11. Family affair ! My bro, his GF, and me !
  12. Pose !
  13. Wear cheetah for fall ! Soon on the blog ;) !
Hope you like this post, and have an AWESOME weekend !!! 

Stay tuned for more... Elsy's BACK !
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lundi 1 septembre 2014

Wanted : Asos Africa || Fall Winter 2014-2015 || Hello September

I come up here with a sneak peak of the new Fall/Winter Asos Africa collection.
Last night, while I was looking for tips to update my blog (I'm striving for greatness)...And I found out the Great Asos Africa line !
Asos releases the new Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection on the 8th September 2014. I think the most unexpected trend this season is probably the floral print. I love how Asos mixed up the prints with some shades of grey and pastel...
I particularly love the mixture and the fact that this line allows African communities in Central Africa and West to revisit some codes of African fashion.

Can't wait to see more...
8th September 2014

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jeudi 21 août 2014

It's all about the "Little Summer Dress"

Do you have your Little Summer Dress ?

// New Look limited edition dress //
// Did you say backless ? //
// I recently realized that I'm in LOVE with flowers...<3//
// I wear the SEPHORA Jealous lipstick that I showed in the Lipstick showroom post //
// Be Free and Happy //

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mercredi 20 août 2014

My Daily Beauty Essentials || Skin Care || Beauty Tips


I come up with a new post, for showing my Beauty Essentials for my skin care and my face. Unless you’re one of the lucky ladies in this world to be born with flawless skin (Chanel Iman, if you read this, I'm talking to YOU ! :p ) you’ve probably struggled with skin imperfections at some point or another.


I have not often had skin problems (acne and other) ... But sometimes, I have one or two buttons (I didn't wake up flawless). I think the less you use products on you, the more the skin breathes and keeps its natural. For me, a scrub, a lotion, and a moisturizer are sufficient. No need to use more.
  • Moisturizing Cream or Crème Hydratante - Le Petit Marseillais 
  • Cleansing Scrub  or Gel nettoyant exfoliant pamplemousse rose Visibly Clear - Neutrogena
  • Cleansing Lotion or Lotion nettoyante désincrustant points noirs Visibly Clear - Neutrogena
  • Sublimating dry oil or Huile sèche sublimante - Le Petit Marseillais


I first started by using some Yves Rocher products... But I wasn't satisfied enough and I didn't see lots of results. They are essentially made from NATURAL products : it means that you have to be very patient to start to see a result... That wasn't for me...Nah !

  •  I decided to change and test the Neutrogena " crème désincrustante points noirs" or "exfoliating cream black spots"...  It WORKS ! I could clearly see the loss of black spots. Now I'm using the lotion day and night, and I loove it ! If you have an oily skin, this lotion is THE perfect one to reduce sebum. It is my fav' from the 4 !

  • The "Neutrogena gel nettoyant exfoliant" is a great refreshing and makeup remover ! I use it to remove some makeup residues.

  • I mainly use the "Le Petit Marseillais mosturizing cream" on my face before any makeup application, and on my hands, to keep them smooth and beautiful.

  • The "Le Petit Marseillais sublimating dry oil" is my body lotion. I use it for almost 7 months or something like that...My complexion glows and my skin is clear and regular.

It's your turn now !
What are YOUR Daily skin secrets ?

Don't be afraid to Share, Like, or Comment.
So, I hope this post will be helpful.

Thanks for the Love

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mardi 5 août 2014

New In || Black Touch

Hey Ladies,

I've been everywhere everybody knows me... lmao just singing -_-!

Ok Ladies, hope you've had a good weekend!
I come up here with some of the new things I bought these past few weeks...I think I spent most of my time doing shopping at Zara...I found out they have very good quality and affordable fragrances, as well as very beautiful accessories such as sunglasses. I never paid attention before. I've also completed my makeup collection with some MAC, KIKO and RIMMEL.
// Touch of Black Haul //
// KIKO concealer and nail polish // PIMKIE white necklace // RIMMEL gel liner //
// This fragrance is .. OMG ! Can't describe the smell, you should check it out //
// I'm in love with the details of this top //
// Bimaterial //
// Finally got my Round sunglasses //
// These shades are D O P E !!! check out the work and the details: Leather x Nickel //
// MAC DIVA lipstick //

1. Beautiful Player - Christina Lauren ( I am not a great fan of reading, but after reading Beautiful bastard, I want to read more, it's so breathless!!!)
2. Round Shades - Zara
3. Perfume - Zara woman intense ( only 5 €)
4. Gel Liner - RIMMEL "scandaleyes"
5. Concealer - KIKO
6. White Nail polish - KIKO
7. Necklace - PIMKIE
8. Lipstick - MAC "Diva"
9. Skinfinish powder - MAC
10. Eyebrows pencil - MAC
11. Top - Zara

Btw, I've recently created a facebook page for the blog, so that you can track all the updates. Make sure to like the page --> Here !

"We are afraid to change because we think that, after so much effort and sacrifice, we know our present world. And even though that world might not be the best of worlds, and even though we may not be entirely satisfied with it, at least it won't give us any nasty surprises..."

Paulo Coehlo

Hope you enjoyed this post !

Lots of Love

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mercredi 30 juillet 2014

Forgot to post || Lookbook

// Jennyfer Crop Top // Hand Made Maxi Skirt // New Look Sandal Heels // Half blond hair don't care //

Roses are Red...
Violets are Blue...
And I forgot to post this !

Find me on Lookbook for more...

Photos by Eric Kouamen
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